Hospitals and Op Shops!

Update on the spider bite. I was admitted to hospital Sunday night (along with baby Joel) because the infection on my leg was still spreading and my chest infection was getting worse. We finally were put in a ward at 1am! I was in the coronary ward because it was the only place we could have a room to our selves. The nurses kept coming in to coo at Joely cos they never get to see babies in there!

After 3 more doses of Iv antibiotics, i was finally released in the morning with a very swollen hand (from the lure getting knocked) a sore leg and a slightly better cough! Hopefully i won’t have to go back again.

The girls each went to stay at a grandparent’s, so, Javi and I spent the day watching Collateral (Tom Cruise, I don’t rate it) and crocheting dish cloths. I also spent a fair bit of time snuggling this beautiful little boy!

Today I went Op Shopping. Zoe was still at Nana’s, so i thought it would be a good time to get out and about.

I picked up some pretty mean deals! For $12 i got
*6 full balls of 100% cotton, 8ply (more dishcloths)
*A very cool carpet bag, perfect to use as a knitting bag
*3 beautiful fabric napkins, destined to become pencil rolls*A plastic dolls car seat, for Ruby’s *Pinkbaby* *2 vintage books for the kids – The Little Golden Book Bedtime Library (Full of Margret Wise Brown!!) and Friends Old and New (Basic Reader.)


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  1. 1

    kate5kiwis said,

    what is this *knit your own dishcloth* thing???
    and has zoe had hair-extensions????? i can’t believe how long and beee-autiful her hair is !!!!!!!!!!
    get well chick

  2. 2

    Jess said,

    Thanks Kate
    You have to try cotton dishcloths. They are so worth the effort!!! I will send you one sometime!

    Zoe’s hair is insane, huh? It is down to her bum! Very cute!

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