A very creative day…

Lauz, you asked the question, *what is a ripple blanket?* Well, it is a crocheted blanket in a squiggly design!! I started this one for Liji’s bed (when he gets in to a bed!) 3 weeks ago. The first photo is at Whanga, the second is taken tonight! I generally try to do one or two rows a day!On Thursday mornings K and I meet up (we visit each other’s houses week about). The kids love playing together. And it is nice to have company and another set of hands! I got given a big bowl of organic apples yesterday! so i spent the morning peeling, chopping and stewing and chatting to K! I recommend finding a friend to do this with! Being a Mum is a BIG job, it is so neat to have someone to talk to who is also dealing with the same kind of issues!

I decided at lunch time today that i wanted to make a quilt for Roo’s 3rd birthday. Her birthday is next Friday!!!! I went up to Spotlight and found the coolest shabby chic fabrics! I managed to get it cut out tonight, so, the next few nights will be full of the rumble of the sewing machine!!!!


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  1. 1

    Rach said,

    gorgeous fabrics……it’ll be so sweet (but y’know what?….this is another “village project”;-) only I think you’ll manage this one)

  2. 2

    Tirzah said,

    I like the idea of getting together with a friend to help each other on a regular basis. I have a friend who’d probably do that with me. What other kinds of things do you help each other with?

  3. 3

    Da Setiuz Mama said,

    What cool fabric Jess! Ruby will love it…..aren’t our little 2 year olds growing up fast!!!!!
    Thanks for explaining the ripple blanket…that looks really effective.
    How neat that you and Karen can get together…that must be so refreshing. Have a lovely easter.

  4. 4

    Jen said,

    i love geometry involved in your blanket

    yummmy apples I have stewed fruit with friends in the past the fellowship is good

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