I have been asked what kind of things K and I do when we get together each Thursday.

Originally we planned to spend the WHOLE day together, right up to cooking our dinner together. With all our preschoolers, this hasn’t quite worked!

One week we meet at my house, the next at K’s house. By the time we get our selves organized it is usually 9.30-10ish before we arrive!

The kids all play together. We bring some toys in to the lounge, if it is fine they might play outside. At my house the kids often play in the bedrooms, at Karen’s they often play on the covered deck.

Some weeks we do lots of odd jobs, we hang and fold washing together, we have sorted cupboards together, tidied book cases, de-cluttered lounges among other things! Other weeks we just sit, knit and chat!!!

We generally just *do life* together. We know what the other person expects of their kids. The kids are getting to know the *house rules* at each place.

A huge benefit we have found is that the kids are *used* to the other house. Between us we have three little clingers (kids who like to be around Mummy). The kids are now happy to spend time at each house even if their Mummy has to pop out for a while. If we have to go out to an appointment it means we have that freedom.

Our families friendship has deepened so much since we have started doing this. This past Saturday Javi went and helped J. paint their bedroom,, while K came over with the kids and helped me re-arrange and sort my kid’s rooms!! (Thanks, Karen!!!)

Karen and I can talk honestly about our lives, our ups and downs, joys and sorrows.

Please, if you have friend you could do this with, try it!!! It has been SUCH A BLESSING!!!

Visit this site to read the article that inspired us!


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  1. 1

    Jen said,

    How wonderful your Thursdays must be
    Im going to go and read the link thanks

  2. 2

    Beebee Mod™ said,

    It is always wonderful to get together with others for playdates. Mom’s and kiddies need time with others!

  3. 3

    kate5kiwis said,

    i remember doing this sort of thing from tiem to time when my kiddos were little and life felt so intense.
    once doozie and i swapped *yucky jobs* with each other and it was great.

    these days *doing life* extends to getting someone to stir a pot or arrange a salad, although i have a fab friend deb who pops over when i am going away and tidies/vacuums up for me while i’m running around like a hen with its head chopped off.
    which i’m perfectly happy with.
    funny how the seasons change :o)

  4. 4

    Da Setiuz Mama said,

    Yay! for Thursdays at your house!!!
    Sounds (and is) great!! Praise God for close friends to “do” life with. Isn’t DOING life together what a being a Christian in community is about?!?!?! Good on you and Karen for making it happen.

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