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Joely’s Jacket!

Here it is…

Made from the same wool as the longies (The Fabulous Fibres Company –DK Natural sheep fleece)
I don’t know what the stitch is called (K can you help?) I based it on a mint green jacket i had been given at some stage, loved the design, hated the colour! (actually, i didn’t mind it that much, but, everyone else did!!!!)

It looks SUPER cute on him, he asleep right now, so i will take photos tomorrow!!


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Lots of completed projects!

Hi everyone, I know, i know, how slack am I? Look at all my projects i have been working on though! As well as unpacking, and taking care of the Fam!

I have been making lots of jewellery at the moment, we had a visit from the lovely Lauz and her beautiful family! She had already sent me a big pack of beads to play with and i scabbed a few more off her while she was here! I have started making all my own findings too.

BTW check out all the stuff i got today! i am sensing a lot more jewellery work coming up!Next on the list, some knitted longies for Joely! He is wearing these ALL the time! They are knitted with natural undyed wool! So nice and warm! They are knitted using a Knitty pattern for baby cotton cargos!I made them without the pockets, crochet added around the bottom of the legs, waist band extended, and cord added instead of elastic!!(P.S for those of you who like visiting Karen’s site, yes it is the same wool she creates with! )AND FINALLY I have been knitting my first ever jacket for Joel, WITH NO PATTERN!!!!

It will hopefully be finished tomorrow!! (If the beads don’t take over!!!)

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