Snail hunting, crafting and more hospital trips!

OK, OK, i know, i know, it has been over a month!! I have excuses! Well, my main excuse is now obsolete, we now have broadband!! yay! So much quicker to post here now!

Here is some updates from the last month.


This is Ruby’s preferred name at the moment! Not Roobs, scoobs, RooRoo or Ruby-Doodle. No longer Cruella or Wobin Hood. Just Ruby-Gordan. WHY? You may ask? Ask the three year old!!

Ruby is now on her 6Th week of oral antibiotics and has had 4 nights in hospital, all for a broken toe! She has developed osteomalitis (?) an infection in the bone. If it is not better by next Friday she will be put under general anesthetic and have a Pick line put in. (This is a long term drip line that has a tube which goes from the inner-elbow up to the heart.) She will then have to have at least 3 weeks IV Antibiotics and up to 6 weeks. It is looking worse right now so it is looking more and more likely.

On Tuesday night i was playing Indoor netball and rolled my ankle. I have some awesome bruising, may have done my tendons and am on crutches!!

Zozo, is doing well. She is starting to read, writing all the time, and is growing up so fast! She is such a helpful girl! Always asking what she can do for me!Liji is a delight! He is starting to talk now, and this has helped him get over screaming NO! constantly! He is so smoochy! Obsessed with Thomas, and likes to carry a snail around with him. He cries when i make him leave it outside!! Occasionally he says to me “It will bite me!” But gets over this pretty quick! Joel is still not walking, although he is now pulling himself up to standing. he can say Ohoh and woohoo! So cute!! Jarrod’s new job is going awesome. He is loving it, and still improving every day!

So, about the snail hunting…. Over the last week the kids and i have removed (conservative estimate) over 500 snails from our garden!! The birds around here are very well fed!
Last night i went out in the dark and removed almost 200 in 20 minutes (not including the leopard slugs!!) I WILL save my last 2 lettuces!!!

I have been getting LOTS of crafting done. Knitting, heaps of jewellery, lots of swaps. I will post pics later!


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    kate5kiwis said,

    ooo she lives!!!
    can’t wait to see the photos of all your crafty bits jess…
    much love X

  2. 2

    I am Jen said,

    YAY! For some reason I thought the broken toe was yours…poor little girl. You’ve had a life full haven’t you?! I hope things get better in a jiffy with your little’s toe and your ankle.

  3. 3

    jen said,

    broadband is cool!!!!!

    Ruby-Gordan is so beautiful

    My prayers are with her
    and with you too

    bless Zozo what a joy helpful kids are

    pleased Jarrod is enjoying his new job

    wow what a LOT of snails you have!!!

  4. 4

    sarah bean said,

    oh gosh, that is a whoooole lotta snails :-O

    Your kids are very cute 🙂

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