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Hi to everyone from Kids Craft Weekly!

Thanks Amber for featuring my site as your blog of the week! Welcome everyone!

What crafts am i doing with my kids this week?

  • We have sourced some HUGE sheets of cardboard and are doing giant pictures!
  • Beading
  • Stickers (an all time fave)
  • Autumn collages
  • Whatever else their little heads come up with!!



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Hushabye baby…

Hushabye Baby. Zoe singing to Pinkypie and kissing her goodnight…

                                                         Kissing pinkypie goodnight

Settling her baby down for Nunnighs….


 What a good little Mummy (ok, Aunty!)


So proud of herself!!



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Meet Pinkypie!

              Ruby meets Pinkypie          

         This is Pinkypie! Ruby’s 8 week old kitty! As you can see from her face she is IN LOVE!!!

                  Zoe and Pinkypie                                    

Ruby opening prezzies with Daddy…

Pinkypie cuddling her  teddy!!!

Ruby thanking Aunty jenni for her BEEEYOOUTiful Jewellerys!  (We found out 6 weeks ago that Aunty Jenni has terminal cancer. A week later she announced that she was getting married! (to Hugh). The wedding is in May and she has asked the girls to be flowergirls! It will be an incredibly sad wedding, but also an awesome celebration of love, life and family. We love you Aunty Jen! xxx  )


I found the kitten asleep next to Ruby tonight! I had pulled the door closed but the sneaky little thing managed to get in and curl up with her!


I found the kitten asleep next to Ruby tonight! I had pulled the door closed but the sneaky little thing managed to get in and curl up with her!

All day long Ruby has been saying “This is my BEST birthday EVER!” So cute!

                                Happy Birthday little girl! We love you! xxx                             


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Ooooh, wordpress….

Ok, Rach, i have made the change! I don’t know what i am doing…but, oh well! I will post properly later!

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My first ever atcs

Oreol” and “Big is better”

These are my first ever atcs(artist trading cards). Made for a swap on Swap bot! It was a “Fat girl art swap”! They are done using gel pens and water colour pencils, the one on the left had some marker used too.

Before i did this I didn’t realize how small these actually are. They are 2.5 x 3.5 inches!

Drawing is the one creative outlet i am not confident in. Everything else i have tried i feel comfortable doing, this puts me WAY outside my comfort zone!!! I have been practicing though…

Alice Revamp! #1 gel pens

Alice Revamp! #2 Pastels, marker

I am actually enjoying it! Great, another craft pursuit to occupy my time!

Karen gave me the knitting bug back! K, since i got home i finished THE purple cardie from last year!!! I will be sewing it up tonight with Rach. Pics maybe tomorrow!

Oh, and watch this space, we may have a new addition to the family! 😉 Hmmm, lets see how many of you are lurking out there! I will tell all on Sunday!!!


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A Relaxing week away…

Well, for a weekend away, in a 3 bedroom house, with 8 kids ages 6 and under, it was quite relaxed! I wouldn’t say relaxING but it was so much fun!

We had great fun catching up with our fave family!

*Joely (1.5), EJ (1.5), C(3.5), Liji(2.5), A (3.5), Roo(4 on Sunday!), O (6), Zo, (5)!!* This was the scene K and i came home to after Jamie kindly offered to babysit all 8 kids! What a man!! (And he has good legs! 😉

I had to go down by myself on the Saturday, Javi wasn’t able to join us until Tuesday night, because of work. The N*****ls joined us on Sunday evening! The kids were so good together. We had 5 kids sleeping in one room, and they were pretty good! They had great fun digging in the sand hole, riding bikes, playing with balls… playing in kennels….

Who needs a dog???

Hmm, an extra 5 kids! Our fave Whanga Family comes to visit!

Elijah and Joel on the tramp, with a bike and a screwdriver. You’ve got to have your screwdriver you know. (I didn’t know this was happening!!!)

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Easter egg slice

This was created after we received a cake tin full of these little eggs! 2 weeks after Easter! AGGGHHH! More eggs, we still haven’t finished the original ones!

Easter egg slice! Created by….ME!


4 oz (125g) butter
1 small c sugar
1 egg
1 1/2 c flour
1 t baking powder
2 T cocoa

20 marshmallow Easter eggs (or how ever many you have!)

This makes a small roasting pan size slice!

  • Cream butter and sugar
  • Add egg, beat well
  • Sift ( or don’t) flour, baking powder and cocoa and combine on a low speed.
  • spread in a baking paper lined tin!
  • break choccy eggs in half, place in microwave on medium for 1min.
  • Stir
  • Continue to zap in 30 second intervals, stirring in between!
  • Spread over the top of base.
  • Bake @ 150 C for 35 minutes (give or take! it should look chocolaty brown and bubbling!)


It may not be the prettiest, but it definitely tastes good!

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