Hi to everyone from Kids Craft Weekly!

Thanks Amber for featuring my site as your blog of the week! Welcome everyone!

What crafts am i doing with my kids this week?

  • We have sourced some HUGE sheets of cardboard and are doing giant pictures!
  • Beading
  • Stickers (an all time fave)
  • Autumn collages
  • Whatever else their little heads come up with!!



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  1. 1

    Lucy Hanley said,

    Hi. I have just been reading your blog following a link from Kids Craft Weekly and wanted to say how wonderful it was. I am a full time teacher (I teach Reception Aged 4-5) in Plymouth, England. I have two girls aged 4 and 2 and I just wanted to say I wish I could be vaguely crafty and as amazing with my children as you seem to be. Can’t wait to read more. Thanks again.


  2. 2

    loveohmy said,

    Hi Lucy, Thanks for your kind comments. I try to do creative things with my kids. It often isn’t easy!!! I try to do things that do not take a huge effort! Take the can of shaving cream for example! This is the best messy play activity i have found!!! We don’t do lots of painting or gluing (we use sellotape or those bottle of mess free school glue!). Hmmm…. I think i feel a post coming on about our easy crafty pursuits!

  3. 3

    Deanna said,

    Ahh…yes…Please post about your easy crafty pursuits! I am always looking for suggestions. A friend of mine posted on her blog about “Grow your Name”, it is a very cool activity for kiddos to do with grass seed. http://something2learntoday.blogspot.com/2008/04/grow-your-name.html

    Oh yes, your idea with the big cardboard pieces intrigue me. Next time when we have cardboard available (big pieces) I will let my kiddos go to town. Love to see some pictures of the creations (if you took some).

  4. 4

    Lucy said,

    Thanks those ideas seem great! Shaving foam sounds really interesting – can’t wait to try that one!

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