Long time no talk …SORRY!!!

I have been busy i promise! We have had my Aunty’s wedding (pics to come). I have been crafting lots, visiting Karen,and looking after the kiddies! We have also had Liji’s 3rd birthday at the begining of June!

So for now, here are some pictures!

Do you recognise these chairs Rach? I bought these from Rach’s Silent Auction. Bought them home and recovered them in Mushroom print…they now have pride of place at the head of our table! (oh and i still owe you money Rach!)

Owl Atc’s for a Swap-bot swap…


This is only half the fabric i got at the Spotlight $2 a metre sale!!!! I went back and got 25 more metres!

A “just because your cute” photo of Joely!

A coffee table set for Swap-bot. Made from embroidered felt

A photo of my big 3y/o in his new Brum Jimmy-jams!

One last photo of Joel! The little pickle climbed in the bath before i could stop him! Clothes, Dummy and all! Lucky he’s so cute!

I am going away this weekend…BY MYSELF!!!! i am going to a Homeschooling conference! My first one ever…i am looking forward to hopefully meeting some other homeschooling families with kids our age! Oh, and i am also looking forward to 2 WHOLE NIGHTS SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!



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  1. 1

    Sharonnz said,

    I like that mushroom print. That fabric seems to have a nice solidness about it unlike some of their cotton prints. I see one fabric we bought in common at the sale too…looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

    You’ll have to tell us all about the homeschooling conference. Mamas need stuff like that!

    Nice to see you posting again!

  2. 2

    katie said,

    oh jess i love your cool header!
    lovely to see ya. is it the HEART retreat you’re going on?
    i remember going to the first and third one. i was pregs at one lol.
    there’s a large contingent going from The Sunny Bay, i guess lots of peeps from The Big Smoke too?
    hope you love the weekend away.
    big kisses X

  3. 3

    loveohmy said,

    Thanks Kate! Yeah, it is the HEART retreat. A lady from our new church invited me, she has been to all of them except one!! She is the only person i know going (and i barely know her!) So i am pretty nervous but looking forward to it!

    Sharon, yes, this fabric is pretty hardy. It was in their quilting section, cost me an arm and a leg but it was worth it!

  4. 4

    katie said,

    jess, how was the weekend?
    hope ya had a blast and met tons of cool peeps. how was it? what did ya love?
    freeeeeeezy down here today, snowing down south. just finished sewing an austrian blind for woozie, LOVED your beautiful comment on her birthday, thanks so much, really feeling the love.
    (i know, i really need to send emails via email not blog-comments lol.)
    mwah X

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