I attended the HEART (Home Educators Annual RetreaT) over the weekend! I found out about it the Sunday before through a woman at our new church. I decided i would go on the Thursday and went on the Friday!

What a wonderful time. My initial fears of a cheesy beige brigade were soon put to rest. I met the most inspiring Godly women. It wasn’t really a “How to teach your children” conference….more of a “Come let us inspire, encourage and treat you” weekend!

I didn’t have to cook, there were no set chores, i slept ALL night without been woken up (once i finally got to sleep!) it was so relaxing!

I attended 3 workshops, one on Family Unity by Bronwyn Farnworth (She is a most amazing woman, loves the Lord and speaks scripture like no one i have ever met!), one on Marriage by Sue Abernathy and one on A family Mission Statement by Rosie Boom (I so want to be like her when i grow up)

I got so much out of it, i have not felt this refreshed since before i had kids!

They also had a book and curriculum fair (not that i use a curriculum, or even plan on doing so!) I got some fantastic books at fantastic prices! i also found a copy of our favorite Veggie Tales DVD, Lyle the Viking  (Move over Kate’s Family we are the NEW Veggie Tale fanatics!!!)

I will definitely be going next year!!! And i encourage any of you homeschooling, consider it!!!

Oh, and about the “beige brigade”, yes, most of them were wearing beige, but there were still a few Westie/ alternative/un-beige’s around! (No offense if you wear beige yourself, but, i definitely do not!)

BTW, check out Rosie Boom’s site, amazing woman, family and life. If you like music i so recommend her CD!!!


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  1. 1

    Sharonnz said,

    I’ve heard great things about this retreat. So glad you got some refreshment for your home-learning journey.

  2. 2

    katie said,

    chick, yeah, we have a story that rosie’n’kids did a few years ago, The Happy Prince. cool. but what is your email addy?
    send it to me at kate DOT kiwi AT hotmail DOT com, or do ya know my *real* addy? same as it’s always been….
    cos this comment ping pong is craaaaazeeeeeee!!!!!

    so glad ya loved the weekend. maybe i shoulda gone after all??
    (i really cannot overcome that *beige* feeling… but hey… i can totally do *westie* rofl)
    mwah X
    P.S. yep: Lyle, dear Lyle, we like your style….

  3. 3

    katie said,

    P.P.S. did i say how *gorgeous* that grin on your header is?
    i think i already did.
    it’s gorgeous X

  4. 4

    loveohmy said,

    I so recommend it! Annie C and i think we should start a “Pink Ladies club” down there!

    Katie….. Glad you like Roob’s grin! Isn’t she cute!!!

  5. 5

    katie said,

    we should start a “Pink Ladies club”
    aha, my arm is officially twisted, i’m in!!!
    mwah X

  6. 6

    Laura said,

    Soundz like a refreshing blast for you Jess. Rosie is originally from our neck of the woods and she is SO worth it!!! Think I might join you next year….remind me!

  7. 7

    thebeanbag said,

    Sounds awesome!
    other than the beige overload, lol.

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