The Flat Rosies….and……A GIVE AWAY!

Meet The Flat Rosies!

We read a book recently called Flat Stanley (Jeff Brown), it is about a boy who gets squashed in his sleep! His family pops him in an envelope and posts him away on holiday!

We decided to make our own version, the girls have named them The Flat Rosies! This week we have posted them to Aunty Jenni (She is not allowed to see anyone this week as she is Radio Active due to her cancer treatment!)

We are looking for other holiday destinations for them! They are very easy house guests, they only want to stay for a week (or so) and all they request is a photo, picture or story included in the envelope when they return! If you would like them to visit, leave a comment! We are going to make their adventures into a book (not a published book, a book the kids make!) and would love to send them all over the place!

Now, the giveaway!

I whipped up this felt poppy needle book last night!

It is all handstiched, i will include a variety of needles in side.  (11 x 14cm)

Leave me a comment and i will draw a name on the 18th (my birthday!)

Thought i should mention, this giveaway is open to EVERYONE! You don’t have to have commented before, you don’t have to have even visited before! Just leave a comment!


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  1. 1

    Sharonnz said,

    Cool idea, Jess. The kids would love to do this!!

  2. 2

    Rachael said,

    Would it be rude to comment when I already have a loveohmy needlebook? 😉
    Anyway, do Flat Rosie’s want to go around the world? I’m sure we could help. First safe destination would be Malaysia where we’ll be pretty much for month of October……..then we’ll have long stops in Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia and and and……

  3. 3

    loveohmy said,

    Hi Sharon! Did you mean your kids would like to have them visit?

    Rach, feel free to comment anytime you like! I am sure the Flat Rosies would love a big trip like that! I wonder if they could send postcards every so often though! I think my kids would forget about them after a while!

  4. 4

    Jenna Angove said,

    ohhh Izzy might like the a flat Rosie to come and visit with us ( she would love to kiss(chew) them!!. I think I can feel a wee trip coming on for Iz and I so they could come. Also think the needle book is very funky!

  5. 5

    loveohmy said,

    Jenna, i had a feeling they would be subjected to lots of loving so i had them laminated!!!

  6. 6

    i am down to one needle (which i nicked off my mum two weeks ago to do some quilting and i’ve er, neglected to return it) so i would be ecstatically happy to snarff the poppy-needle-book.
    oh, and the flat stanley rosies are welcome to come for a flying visit to our place… what a fabulous idea, jess!!!
    kisses to jenni too X

  7. 7

    Mary Jenkins said,

    i am the worst about losing needles in the carpet! this would be a godsend!

  8. 9

    "Frivolous and Silly" said,

    “Pick me! Pick me!”

  9. 10

    Jess said,

    Just so you all know, i am drwing tonight, and the last comment was from my cheeky husband, so just ignore it!!!!

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