The Flat Rosies are home!!!

The Flat Rosies’ holiday with Aunty Jenni and Uncle Hugh and their 2 cats, Ralph and Max.

July 2008


When the Flat Rosies came to stay, Aunty Jenni was really happy. The Rosies were bright and cheerful and good company for a sick aunty!


Among their adventures they…


  • Watched the All Blacks with Uncle Hugh
  • Planted a bulb with Aunty Jenni (it came home with them)
  • Made fresh Lemonade (recipe included)
  • Slept in Patrick’s bed
  • Met Banafa the Italian witch (kind of like an Italian Santa Claus, brings gifts to good children on Jan 6)
  • Went for a ride on her broomstick
  • Went to Aunty Jenni’s hospital appointment, met her nurses.
  • Had a picnic with Nana and Jenni and made hot choc with the hospital machine!
  • Went to the domain and fed the ducks
  • Had coffee in Ponsonby, sat on the table
  • Bought a felt butterfly for Zoë and Ruby
  • Went to a Café with Nana, Papa, Aunty Jen and Uncle Hugh for brunch
  • Watched Kung Fu Panda while sitting in Uncle Hugh’s pocket and ate his popcorn
  • Had a nap with Ralph and Max
  • Told the cats about the 3 little Kittens
  • Watched Zoë dancing
  • Made dancing outfits and did a show for Banafa (outfits came home!)

All these adventures were hand written this tiny little handmade book! SOOOO much fun for the kids to open!                            




Next trip…..


Uncle Jeff and Aunty Sue’s house in Wellington!!!!


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