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A few new links for you!

I thought i should let you all know where i am visiting at the moment! And since i can’t work out how to put it in the side bar…. here is the list!!



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    I have been busy…. look see!

    I have been doing some craft work… I am enjoying painting and creating canvases at the moment!

    This first one was done from a photo of Rooroo, taken when she was 2. It is inspired by paintings Jarrod’s cousin is doing!


    A button canvas… Super simple, super cute!                                                                                                                                                                            

    A painting of a fantail. Based on a cool photo i saw somewhere! 

    And finally, a canvas i have started for Ruby. (sorry about the poor photo!)

    We have also celebrated Joely’s 2nd birthday! He is such a little dude! Check out the long hair, and Ruby’s sunglasses!!!

    And Zoe has learnt to ride a 2 wheeler!!! Jarrod took her training wheels off a week and a half ago, she is an expert already!

    Oh, and one more thing……………………………..

    Yep! We are expecting baby number 5!!!! Due in April next year. I have had terrible all-day-not-just-morning-sickness and have been in bed by about 7 each night! This is the real reason i haven’t been blogging!

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