I know, i know, i said i was back…..life has taken over….

Here is a quick run down of the last 3 months….

  • Ruby got osteomyelitis again, this time in her pinky…we spent  8 weeks in and out of hospital, a 6 week course of  antibiotics in capsule form (she is 5!!!!) this required me waking her up at 11pm and feeding her ice cream! 3 reactions to antibiotics. It is finally over again! She is pretty run down though!
  • Joely fell out of a tree (while i was at the doctors with Ruby) and split his head open… he ended up with stitches and on concussion watch.
  • the boys both got the flu
  • Levi had 2 seizures and spent 4 days in hospital. He had a fever with the first one, not with the second. The first one lasted for 15 terrifying minutes! The second one he didn’t stop till they gave him Diazapan. He had an EEG, which came back clear, so they are now saying they were seizures related to fever. (Not febrile convulsions.)
  • I got pneumonia (for the 3rd time in the last year!)

And Finally, just to top it all off, last Friday i had a car crash. I was driving along with all the kids in the car and we got T-boned by a truck!!! It hit right where baby Levi was sitting. So we had a trip in an ambulance and a 4 hour wait in hospital, while they kept Ruby and baby Levi under obs. I was pretty sore for the next few days! Thankfully they are going to fix my lovely van. We only got it 4 months ago, and weren’t keen to start searching for a new one again!

SO, there are my excuses!

On the sewing front i have been VERY productive, so with out further ado let me present you with some of my latest projects!!!

A nappy cake (diaper cake) made for my lovely sister-in-law’s baby shower. It contains 6 shaped burp cloths(wrapped around the layers) 10 face cloths (shaped into flowers) Nappy pins (to hold it together) and disposeable nappies! (they make up the layers)…oh…..and heaps of rubber bands!!!



A rocking baby wrap for my new little nephew/niece! (Her daddy is a rock star!)

A cute little canvas for my best friend Karen! xx






And a wardrobe refashion for my little princess Ruby! it started life as a Mother Care denim dress with brownish flowers embroidered all around it. Very drab….


Now…….Ruffles galore!!!


I apologise for the layout…I find wordpress really tricky to work out!!!

And finally, once I can get my photo card to download i will post the pics of my latest quilt….made for my sweet little Izzy’s (niece) birthday!


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