I HEART freezer paper!!!

So, i anyone who lives in America or Canada will be wondering what the big deal is. But, here in little old New Zealand freezer paper is about as easy to find as hens teeth!!!

My wonderful little cousin just came over from Canada and bought me two HUGE rolls of freezer paper! I am in love!!!!

I have painted 10 tops already, so easy, so fun!

You want to see what else appeared this week?


The cutest little nephew in the world! Welcome to the world baby Greyson!


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  1. 1

    Sarah said,

    Greyson is gorgeous!!! =) Congratulations Aunty!

    Those t-shirts look awesome! I’m interested in how you do them….

  2. 2

    Andrea said,

    Way cute!! You’ll have to show me how you do it!


  3. 3

    katie said,

    aha, that’s what FP is!!!
    rather cool, love the pigtailed girlie!!!
    oh greyson is gorgeous! mwah X

  4. 4

    liesl said,

    Hi! It was so nice to meet you yesterday! I look forward to meeting up sometime. The light party was so much fun. I just wish I had gotten a few more photos! I really need to blog sometime. Been lazy. 🙂

  5. 5

    Bridget said,

    wow those tops are wicked! how do you do that with freezer paper (what ever that is!?) My friend has just started screen printing and I’m so keen to give it a go too.
    thanks for your comment on my blog. so great to find other NZ mums!! (especially us young -ins with a zillion kids!! 😉

    • 6

      loveohmy said,

      Hi Bridget, sure is nice to find other crazy NZ mums like me! 🙂 Freezer paper is a kind of kitchen paper you get in the States with a plastic coating on the back. It means you can cut out a stencil, iron it on to your fabric and paint over it. When the paint is dry you just peel off the paper! You can get it on trademe sometimes for about $20 a box (thats for 50 feet and it will last for AGES!!!) or if you know someone in America or Canada they can pick the same box up at the supermarket for $4.50!!! The other way to do it is to cut your stencil out of Duraseal and then stick that to your fabric.
      It is the same idea as screen printing but you can only use each stencil once.
      How old are all your babies?

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