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MMM Yummy!

Well, i said in my last post that we were off to a Hangi (traditional Maori meal cooked in a hole in the ground). Unfortunately, Javi ended up with food poisoning! He vomited 5 times (including all over the bedroom floor, thank goodness for wooden floors!). Everyone had separate packages and in mine the veggies were a bit hard, so i didn’t eat it! Javi’s was cooked perfectly, but, obviously there was something else in there!

On a yummier note, heres my new fave dish, just for you Kate!

Citrus Salad (i first saw this in a Foodtown magazine, but  has been adjusted more than enough to make it MINE!

4(if you are making it vegetarian you will probably want more!) Kumaras (sliced thinly)

2 T oil

2 T chilli flakes or 1/2 t paprika or 1/2 t chilli powder

2 T orange zest

2 T honey (melted in the microwave to make it runny!)

Put all these in a bag and shake, making sure the bag is not split, because that is REALLY messy!

Roast at about 200 C for about 20 mins. I do this earlier in the day.

On a big flat dish arrange 1 bag of salad (i like baby spinach) 1 avocado, spring onion, 1 orange, Kumara.

Mix 4 T Best mayonnaise, 1/2 orange (juice and pulp)

Pour over salad……………..


To carnivorize it add 3 rashers of bacon, 1 sliced chicken breast or 1 cordon bleu or 1/2 pack of Tegal chicken bites, some more of the dressing…..



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