And the winner is….


Congratulations Mary!! I will e-mail you in the next couple of days!

Now, talking of give-aways…. You have to visit this site! Believe me, it is worth it! Our chances of winning are VERY slim, but you know you have to be in it to win it!


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The Flat Rosies….and……A GIVE AWAY!

Meet The Flat Rosies!

We read a book recently called Flat Stanley (Jeff Brown), it is about a boy who gets squashed in his sleep! His family pops him in an envelope and posts him away on holiday!

We decided to make our own version, the girls have named them The Flat Rosies! This week we have posted them to Aunty Jenni (She is not allowed to see anyone this week as she is Radio Active due to her cancer treatment!)

We are looking for other holiday destinations for them! They are very easy house guests, they only want to stay for a week (or so) and all they request is a photo, picture or story included in the envelope when they return! If you would like them to visit, leave a comment! We are going to make their adventures into a book (not a published book, a book the kids make!) and would love to send them all over the place!

Now, the giveaway!

I whipped up this felt poppy needle book last night!

It is all handstiched, i will include a variety of needles in side.  (11 x 14cm)

Leave me a comment and i will draw a name on the 18th (my birthday!)

Thought i should mention, this giveaway is open to EVERYONE! You don’t have to have commented before, you don’t have to have even visited before! Just leave a comment!

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MMM Yummy!

Well, i said in my last post that we were off to a Hangi (traditional Maori meal cooked in a hole in the ground). Unfortunately, Javi ended up with food poisoning! He vomited 5 times (including all over the bedroom floor, thank goodness for wooden floors!). Everyone had separate packages and in mine the veggies were a bit hard, so i didn’t eat it! Javi’s was cooked perfectly, but, obviously there was something else in there!

On a yummier note, heres my new fave dish, just for you Kate!

Citrus Salad (i first saw this in a Foodtown magazine, but  has been adjusted more than enough to make it MINE!

4(if you are making it vegetarian you will probably want more!) Kumaras (sliced thinly)

2 T oil

2 T chilli flakes or 1/2 t paprika or 1/2 t chilli powder

2 T orange zest

2 T honey (melted in the microwave to make it runny!)

Put all these in a bag and shake, making sure the bag is not split, because that is REALLY messy!

Roast at about 200 C for about 20 mins. I do this earlier in the day.

On a big flat dish arrange 1 bag of salad (i like baby spinach) 1 avocado, spring onion, 1 orange, Kumara.

Mix 4 T Best mayonnaise, 1/2 orange (juice and pulp)

Pour over salad……………..


To carnivorize it add 3 rashers of bacon, 1 sliced chicken breast or 1 cordon bleu or 1/2 pack of Tegal chicken bites, some more of the dressing…..


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Frivolous and silly!

Yes, frivolous and silly is how my lovely husband has described my latest project! Thanks Hon!

I made this little owl purse tonight, as i was watching Top Model and Project Runway! (Boohoo- SweetP was eliminated!)


It is made from recycled tweed, felt, buttons and lined with a very funky brown/orange/purple vintage floral! on the back she says Hoot! I think she is cute! (and yes, she is a bit frivolous, but i like frivolous, so there!)She is designed to fray around the edges and get better with age!

We have a busy weekend starting tomorrow!  We are going to take the boys to a chicken show in the afternoon, then Jarrod and i are off to a Hangi at one of his clients house. On Sunday we have a wedding to attend! yay!  My girls have gone on their first ever holiday without us! 😦 I know, i know they go to Nana and Papa’s all the time, but they have never been AWAY with them! I am a bit sad!

Oh, and i have to show you the snow we had at our house! hehehe! OK, Just kidding, i was cleaning out the freezer! (that is from just 2 shelves!!!!! it is 25 y/o and a hand-me-down from Mum and Dad!)


I HAVE JUST NOTICED THIS IS MY 50th POST!!!!! Maybe i should do a give away? Keep your eyes here, i will update you!

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I attended the HEART (Home Educators Annual RetreaT) over the weekend! I found out about it the Sunday before through a woman at our new church. I decided i would go on the Thursday and went on the Friday!

What a wonderful time. My initial fears of a cheesy beige brigade were soon put to rest. I met the most inspiring Godly women. It wasn’t really a “How to teach your children” conference….more of a “Come let us inspire, encourage and treat you” weekend!

I didn’t have to cook, there were no set chores, i slept ALL night without been woken up (once i finally got to sleep!) it was so relaxing!

I attended 3 workshops, one on Family Unity by Bronwyn Farnworth (She is a most amazing woman, loves the Lord and speaks scripture like no one i have ever met!), one on Marriage by Sue Abernathy and one on A family Mission Statement by Rosie Boom (I so want to be like her when i grow up)

I got so much out of it, i have not felt this refreshed since before i had kids!

They also had a book and curriculum fair (not that i use a curriculum, or even plan on doing so!) I got some fantastic books at fantastic prices! i also found a copy of our favorite Veggie Tales DVD, Lyle the Viking  (Move over Kate’s Family we are the NEW Veggie Tale fanatics!!!)

I will definitely be going next year!!! And i encourage any of you homeschooling, consider it!!!

Oh, and about the “beige brigade”, yes, most of them were wearing beige, but there were still a few Westie/ alternative/un-beige’s around! (No offense if you wear beige yourself, but, i definitely do not!)

BTW, check out Rosie Boom’s site, amazing woman, family and life. If you like music i so recommend her CD!!!

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Long time no talk …SORRY!!!

I have been busy i promise! We have had my Aunty’s wedding (pics to come). I have been crafting lots, visiting Karen,and looking after the kiddies! We have also had Liji’s 3rd birthday at the begining of June!

So for now, here are some pictures!

Do you recognise these chairs Rach? I bought these from Rach’s Silent Auction. Bought them home and recovered them in Mushroom print…they now have pride of place at the head of our table! (oh and i still owe you money Rach!)

Owl Atc’s for a Swap-bot swap…


This is only half the fabric i got at the Spotlight $2 a metre sale!!!! I went back and got 25 more metres!

A “just because your cute” photo of Joely!

A coffee table set for Swap-bot. Made from embroidered felt

A photo of my big 3y/o in his new Brum Jimmy-jams!

One last photo of Joel! The little pickle climbed in the bath before i could stop him! Clothes, Dummy and all! Lucky he’s so cute!

I am going away this weekend…BY MYSELF!!!! i am going to a Homeschooling conference! My first one ever…i am looking forward to hopefully meeting some other homeschooling families with kids our age! Oh, and i am also looking forward to 2 WHOLE NIGHTS SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!


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Nonstop sewing!

I  have been re-igniting my sewing machine love this week!

Here is an apron i made for a Swap-bot swap….

With a cute ribbon scrappy rose (it looks better IRL!)

And RUFFLE SKIRTS!!!! So easy, so cute, i have made one the last two afternoons during afternoon sleep time! I was actually inspired to make these after visiting THIS site! Check it out! I LOVE her tutorial for the Reversible Pinafore Dress!

Ruby’s is made from micro cord ….(excuse the wrinkles, she wore it to kindy today!)

And Zoe’s….made from stretchy knit

I will post photos of the girls wearing them tommorow!

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