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I’m Back!

Soooo much has happened since i last blogged.

I have had baby number 5! Little Levi is 12 weeks old now. He is an absolute delight. So cruisy, sleeping through already…he has just fit right in! I am enjoying snuggling him! He has only been in the pram once, i carry him in the sling whenever we go out!

My pregnancy was really tough, displaced hips (to the point that i couldn’t walk for a while) dislocated tailbone (couldn’t sit down comfortably!) , sick right through…but the labour was awesome, i can truthfully say i enjoyed every moment of it!!! Oh, except for the week leading up to my induction, i had contractions (my non-painful, but exhausting ones) every 10 minutes for the whole week! Every time i rolled over in the night i would wake up thinking my waters had broken, and i was to scared to get up to go to the loo in case the baby decided to come! (For those of you who don’t know, i have VERY quick labours. Ruby was born 25 MINUTES after my first pain!!!)

Anyway, here is our new little man….Levi, born 27th march, 8lb6oz (my biggest)

I have been crafting non-stop, sewing – sling, quilts, clothes. Knitting – a dress for Levi (before he was born and i thought he was a girl!!!) Soakers, tops for Levi. Painting canvases.  I will post some photos this week.

And a big thank you to Tania at myrtle and Eunice, Chickummyjig arrived today…He hasn’t been put down once, the kids LOVE him! I will have to steal him back while they are sleeping! And i LOVE the card you sent, your cards are beautiful.

 and finally…3 days after Levi was born PinkyPie had her kittens! a litter of 4, Jarrod and Zoe watched the whole thing, and even had to help deliver one!!! (it was breech) Here is Levi meeting Striper(He now lives at Uncle Blake and Aunty Jenna’s house)…


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I have been busy…. look see!

I have been doing some craft work… I am enjoying painting and creating canvases at the moment!

This first one was done from a photo of Rooroo, taken when she was 2. It is inspired by paintings Jarrod’s cousin is doing!


A button canvas… Super simple, super cute!                                                                                                                                                                            

A painting of a fantail. Based on a cool photo i saw somewhere! 

And finally, a canvas i have started for Ruby. (sorry about the poor photo!)

We have also celebrated Joely’s 2nd birthday! He is such a little dude! Check out the long hair, and Ruby’s sunglasses!!!

And Zoe has learnt to ride a 2 wheeler!!! Jarrod took her training wheels off a week and a half ago, she is an expert already!

Oh, and one more thing……………………………..

Yep! We are expecting baby number 5!!!! Due in April next year. I have had terrible all-day-not-just-morning-sickness and have been in bed by about 7 each night! This is the real reason i haven’t been blogging!

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The Flat Rosies….and……A GIVE AWAY!

Meet The Flat Rosies!

We read a book recently called Flat Stanley (Jeff Brown), it is about a boy who gets squashed in his sleep! His family pops him in an envelope and posts him away on holiday!

We decided to make our own version, the girls have named them The Flat Rosies! This week we have posted them to Aunty Jenni (She is not allowed to see anyone this week as she is Radio Active due to her cancer treatment!)

We are looking for other holiday destinations for them! They are very easy house guests, they only want to stay for a week (or so) and all they request is a photo, picture or story included in the envelope when they return! If you would like them to visit, leave a comment! We are going to make their adventures into a book (not a published book, a book the kids make!) and would love to send them all over the place!

Now, the giveaway!

I whipped up this felt poppy needle book last night!

It is all handstiched, i will include a variety of needles in side.  (11 x 14cm)

Leave me a comment and i will draw a name on the 18th (my birthday!)

Thought i should mention, this giveaway is open to EVERYONE! You don’t have to have commented before, you don’t have to have even visited before! Just leave a comment!

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Hi to everyone from Kids Craft Weekly!

Thanks Amber for featuring my site as your blog of the week! Welcome everyone!

What crafts am i doing with my kids this week?

  • We have sourced some HUGE sheets of cardboard and are doing giant pictures!
  • Beading
  • Stickers (an all time fave)
  • Autumn collages
  • Whatever else their little heads come up with!!


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An Easter holiday at Red Beach

You can’t go to the beach without a rugby ball! (And yes Jarrod and Jamie, it is on an angle!!!) Over Easter we House sat for some friends in Red Beach! We had a great time looking after their 11 week old puppy (mini Schnauzer, I forgot to take pictures!!!) We spent lots of time at the beach, and the rest of it at another friends place! Oh, and Jen (SIL) and i went clothes shopping… For me!!!
Liji with a starfish! I told Ruby to look cute!
Playing cricket with Drew (2)
Joel is TOO confident in the water! he just runs straight in, doesn’t even bother him when he is swamped!!

We love rock pooling! We found starfish, anemones, periwinkles (we call them cats eyes) and one crab!

And next weekend we do it all again at Whanga, on our 3rd annual Family holiday! 8 kids age 6 and under, 4 adults, a 3 bedroom bach! I so can’t wait!!! See you soon N*****l’s!!! Oh and neither of us a pregnant or feeding this year… I don’t think!!!!! ;)))

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